Dana Point Boaters Association launches ‘My Home Port’ campaign

By Daniel Ritz

Walking through the Dana Point Harbor and gazing at the almost 3,000 boats, an observer could easily become overwhelmed by the number of small colorful flags, called burgees, that traditionally indicate a boat’s yacht club or port of origin.

The Dana Point Boaters Association (DPBA) recently launched a campaign called “My Home Port” in a multi-faceted effort to support and unify the Dana Point Harbor community. For a limited time only, the DPBA will be offering burgees, hats and bumper stickers in a one-of-a-kind campaign to display the pride that boaters have in calling the Harbor home.

Almost every yacht club has a unique burgee (flag) that identifies their members’ boats. There is a complex system of how to fly a burgee depending on the type of vessel too.  For example, modern sailing vessels fly the burgee from a lanyard under the starboard spreader of the main mast, while older sailing vessels fly the burgee from the main masthead. Power boats fly their burgee off a short staff of the bow.

With the wait list to obtain a boat slip within the Dana Point Harbor sometimes reaching more than 10 years, the DPBA aims to unify the Harbor community under one literal flag, as well as support the various nonprofit advocacy groups’ sustenance.

James Lenthall, president of the DPBA, said the campaign has dual intentions—offering a way for the entire community to display their pride in the Harbor, and raising funds for nonprofit advocacy groups.

Dana Point Boaters Association is a nonprofit boater advocacy organization that is 100 percent funded by donations. Volunteer leaders receive zero compensation.

“Though we are a boater’s focused group, this campaign is aimed at everyone who calls Dana Point Harbor their home port,” Lenthall said. “Not only boaters, but anyone who takes pride in our Harbor, who enjoys their time here, anyone who aligns with Dana Point Harbor as a base. Just as a yacht club member can display their yacht club burgee, we care about offering all Dana Point community members the opportunity to proudly display their home port.”

The DPBA board designed their own burgee with a simple design and a unique color scheme in order to be easily identified at a distance. The main accent color is orange to represent Orange County, Lenthall said.

All donations of $10 or more will receive a bumper sticker. Donations of $50 will receive a choice of a hat or burgee, plus a bumper sticker. Donations of $100 will receive a hat, burgee and two bumper stickers. This campaign will continue while supplies last. Visit www.danapointboaters.org to learn more.

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