By Lillian Boyd, Dana Point Times

Within about a month of the lease agreement being finalized between Orange County and the Dana Point Harbor Partners, the harbor’s new landlords have issued new slip license agreements to boaters.

“Unfortunately, the first outreach efforts created plenty of confusion and no shortage of frustration and angst,” said a press release sent out by the Dana Point Boaters Association. “Over the last two weeks, our 2,400 Dana Point Harbor wet slip boaters were contacted by marina management and instructed to sign new slip license agreements. West Marina boaters received it at least twice. In many cases, boaters saw adjustments to their slip rates—some up, some down. There was something mentioned about amnesty. And all of this was dispatched with (in our opinion) insufficient explanation…”

Every Dana Point boater is now considered a tenant of the Dana Point Harbor Partners. Part of DPHP’s agreement with the county was to update slip license agreements with boaters. Most of the terms in the new SLA were carried from a previous version, but even new language was approved by the county.

According to the release, most West Marina boaters received the SLA twice, with the first version containing errors and missing language that had been negotiated and agreed upon.

As stated in the agreement, slip fees will be calculated by the length of the slip or the overall length of the vessel, whichever is greater. While the rate-per-foot remains the same, boaters whose vessels exceed the length of their slip are being notified that their rate is increasing commensurate with the amount of their overhang. The Dana Point Boaters Association advises boaters who disagree with their measurement to contact the marina office, and they will re-measure in the boaters’ presence.

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