Pedego Electric Bikes-Dana Point

34186 PCH Ste. A


Founded in Newport Beach by two friends looking to make their own return from the beach less strenuous, Pedego Electric Bikes has become a nationally recognized brand.

Earlier this summer, Danny Val and Benny Serrano from New York opened Pedego Electric Bikes officially licensed store on PCH in Dana Point.

Offering more than 15 models, Pedego Electric bikes offers bikes including cruiser styles, mountain bikes and “commuter” styles, making the accessible to anyone interested in electric bikes.

“We aren’t the highest or lowest priced,” Pedego marketing explicitly states. “We’re the greatest value.” Ranging from approximately $2,000 dollars to more than $5,000 Pedego offers a bike for the full range of electric bike consumer.

All Pedego bikes operate on a pedal assist throttle system where a rider can either pedal under full man-power, pedal with throttle assistance or fully throttle.

Serrano said that under normal circumstances Pedego’s can throttle up to slightly more than 20 miles per hour with their most popular battery option having 720 watt hours, offering a more than 60 mile range.

“Really, it’s all about making exploring and freedom accessible to everyone,” Val said. “We’re proud to become a part of this amazing community, and we encourage anyone and everyone to come into the shop. We can’t wait to meet you, Dana Point and we’re here.”

Pedego Electric bikes offers bikes for retail sale, rentals, and also offers a full service center.

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