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Bourbon Steakhouse, opening last week within the Monarch Beach Resort, is the latest addition to the restaurant series by world-renowned chef Michael Mina. In Bourbon, Mina is striving to achieve a unique dualism of upholding the caliber and quality of the classic American Steakhouse, all while allowing for creative evolution and personalized identity.

In Dana Point, Executive Chef Bryan Brown and Bourbon hope to achieve this through highlight menu items, including his signature butter-poached, dry-aged prime steak as well as locally motivated additions such as a cast-iron shellfish platter made up of four oysters, four Gulf-shrimp, one red miso butter soaked half-lobster and king crab.

The entirety of Brown’s menu at Bourbon reflects Mina’s ambitions for an evolving, but consistent true-to-form American steakhouse. For example, an extensive cocktail menu offers classic and “New School” versions of their drinks, and in-house Sommelier Michelle Morin is on the dining room floor full-time to offer table-side wine pairings and education.

Aesthetically, Bourbon feels modern and open, with an obvious attention to detail and comfort that relieves it of any posh elitism often found in establishments of this caliber. Art is sourced from local artists, hung sparingly, as the dark walls reflect the natural light from the almost 180-degree panoramic view of the Pacific.

Commitment to excellence, and quality, but allowing for a personalized experience, Bourbon Steakhouse is sure to be a hit for those looking for a classic American Steakhouse meal, and for those looking to have their first true intimate food experience.

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