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The Acne Lab

24672 San Juan Avenue, Dana Point. Ste. 104


Sharon Loconsolo, a licensed esthetician and certified acne specialist, recently opened her own practice, The Acne Lab Dana Point.

“As much as I enjoy the graceful aging skincare aspect of my career, I have always been passionate about helping those that suffer from acne,” Loconsolo said.

In order to do so, Loconsolo pursued further training and education, becoming certified by Face Reality Acne Clinic, a method based on drug-free solution for those with acne prone skin.

“Unfortunately, products alone will not cure acne,” Loconsolo admitted. “At an initial consultation, I conduct a skin evaluation and consultation to learn about the type of skin, and the condition and type of acne.” Loconsolo will then create a custom home-care routine for the client, to which she says 95 percent of her clients report clearing up in three to four months after consultation.

“I want to educate the clients about foods, cosmetics, medication, stress and common ingredients in skincare products that might be clogging your pores,” Loconsolo said.

The Acne Lab is open now in Dana Point, accepting new clients on Wednesday through Saturday by appointment only. Loconsolo is currently offering a free consultation for interested first-time clients.

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