Eric Heinz, San Clemente Times

Imagery of a colorful wrestler may be a robust description for a hotdog, but the combination of flavor in the Luchadore Dog by JD’s Kitchen and Bar is of formidable strength.

Much like the various items on JD’s menu, the Luchadore Dog is packed with toppings and doesn’t feign its intent. The dog is loaded with its sidekick, bacon, and teams up with grilled shishito peppers and onions, slathered in guacamole, cooling garlic aioli, cotija fresco and cilantro.

Supposedly, the only arch nemesis to this legion of food is gravity, as the weighted Luchadore’s toppings slide off easily toward your face when tilting it downward—a welcome dog-pile, if you will.

JD’s has been open for about a month, and it already has consistent patronage, opening at 5 p.m. and staying open until 2 a.m. on all nights, offering quality late-night eats.

The business also offers a variety of local brews and vegetarian options.


JD’s Kitchen and Bar

215 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente

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