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Lillian Boyd, Dana Point Times

Jay Bellamy, of San Clemente, dedicated his Memorial Day to sculpting the sand formation of a helmet, rifle and boots at Baby Beach, Dana Point, in honor of soldiers who have been killed in action.

This sculpture took about  3 ½ hours to create. He had engaged the community to honor lost loved ones by placing a flag at the sculpture. There were more than 100 flags placed on Memorial Day, each with the name of a loved one.

Bellamy’s sculptures have drawn attention in the community before. Most recently, Bellamy was commissioned to create a proposal sand sculpture for a man asking his girlfriend to marry him in May. He created a Mother’s Day sculpture depicting flowers and, for Easter, Norton sculpted a 12-foot crucifix, with a likeness of Jesus nailed to it, on the same beach.

“I am grateful to all of our servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Bellamy said. “Every Memorial Day, I’m mindful of those who have given their lives for us. My father was a veteran, so this day is important to me, and I’m glad I could share gratitude with the community.”

Bellamy’s father, Maj. Jack Bellamy, served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He passed away 23 years ago.

Bellamy says he worked as a tile and marble mason for 35 years, and that profession helped him understand the right level of moisture needed to sculpt sand.

“Everything I’ve envisioned, I’ve been able to sculpt,” he told Dana Point Times earlier this year. “It’s a God-given gift, and I’m going to continue carrying out what God tells me to do.”

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