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South Coast Sail Team, or Mariners936, a nonprofit group devoted to offering a coed teen boating program, is hosting a free Information Night on Feb. 19 at the OC Sailing Center in Dana Point for the community to learn more about the organization.

Founded 40 years ago by Jim Wehan, the skipper of the Spirit of Dana Point and a former Mission Viejo High School math teacher, Mariners936 is a boating program for teens aged 14 through 18. Those aged 12-13 can join the Mariner Junior program.

Both programs are designed to allow young people an opportunity to have fun with their friends aboard sailboats of all sizes. Throughout the program, participants will learn about boating, helping them become competent in handling sailboats.

“The Mariner Program is fun, exciting and competitive,” a news release from the nonprofit states. “It allows for an independent choice of activities, and it is flexible so that a young person can join and still have time for school, job and/or sports and other school-related activities.”

The Information Night is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at the OC Sailing Center, located at 34451 Ensenada Place, Dana Point. Additional information can be found at

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