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By Kristina Pritchett

Former Doheny State Beach Park Ranger Jim Serpa led a discussion about the myths pertaining to sharks at the Dana Point Community Center on Thursday, July 13.

This summer, sharks have been spotted numerous times along Dana Point beaches, prompting tagging efforts and beach closures. Several presentations have been held by experts in the field in an effort to better understand the animals’ behavioral and migration patterns.

As part of the city’s Science Night, Sepra brought his 20-plus years of knowledge to the Center to discuss the myths of the animals, the 400 different species of sharks and answered the public’s questions.

Some of the potential causes for the sharks’ presence could be a sign of a healthier ocean as well as a surplus of new food sources or warmer waters.

“The ocean is healthier than it has been in decades,” Serpa said. “Great white sharks have been protected for almost 25 years so seeing more of them is a positive sign.”

The city’s next Science Night will be on Thursday, August 10, in the Dana Point Community Center.

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