Women’s Sailing Organization- Orange County (WSA-OC) is providing a donation of $2,500 to Virgin Unite for use in their hurricane rebuilding efforts in the Caribbean.

Members of WSA-OC targeted their fundraising efforts toward the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the largest Atlantic storm in recorded history.

WSA-OC members feel for the residents who are still struggling to repair and rebuild their devastated communities.

“We felt the need to do something to help our fellow sailors and the island residents who are still struggling to rebuild,” a press release from the WSA-OC stated. “We partnered with Virgin Unite since they are a reputable organization, with 100 percent of donations going toward rebuilding efforts.”

“WSA-OC is committed to preserving and protecting the ocean and contributing to the local community through on-the-water philanthropic activities. Membership is open to all. For more information on WSA-OC, visit www.wsaoc.org, www.facebook.com/wsaoc or Virgin Unite.

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