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By Kristina Pritchett

Two local chefs battled it out in the kitchen on Tuesday, March 14 to raise money for charity.

Waterman’s Harbor Chef Michael J. Doctulero and Chef Rocco Carbonara of Carbonara Restaurant in San Clemente both created a raw and cooked oyster dish for the battle and let the customers chose the winner.

Once a month, Waterman’s hosts the battle, not only for entertainment, but to raise money for a variety of organizations. Tuesday night’s proceeds benefited the Illumination Foundation, an Orange County 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing targeted and interdisciplinary services for homeless people.

Although Chef Michael scored 20 points from the customers, Chef Rocco was crowned the winner with 23 votes.

The next chef battle will be against San Juan Capistrano’s Sol Agave chefs and the dish will be fish tacos. For more information, visit

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