By Kristina Pritchett

Coastal Kitchen had a particularly young set of chefs as a local Brownie troop filled into the kitchen to earn their cooking badge.

Last week, Brownie Troop 3532, second graders from Malcom Elementary School, gathered at the Dana Point restaurant to learn how to bake rolls, make french fries and put a topping on a s’mores pie.

One of Coastal Kitchen’s owners, Christina Grant, is also one of the Brownies’ moms and invited the girls over to be able to earn their badge.

The group, with the restaurant’s Chef Andrew Palma, went over each of the food items and asked the girls questions along the way.

“He has four girls, so he’s completely in his element,” Grant said watching as Palma and the girls gathered around a big counter in the kitchen.

The girls squealed as the potatoes went through the slicing machine and laughed as Palma used a kitchen blowtorch to cook the marshmallow meringue on the pies.

The girls were able to enjoy the food they cooked at the end of their visit.

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