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The Kings Club Barbershop in Dana Point hosted a fundraiser on Friday, Sept. 13 in support of Noah Povey, a 5-year-old boy recently diagnosed with cancer.

Earlier this month, Povey, of Laguna Beach, took a fall on his bike, and his parents took him to see a doctor. Medical staff informed family they would need to transfer Povey to a PICU unit in Los Angeles. There, a team of surgeons determined that a mass on Povey’s kidney was a Wilms tumor, a rare form of cancer that grows on one’s kidney.

Povey underwent radiation every day for six days, wrapping up on Monday, Sept. 16. The chemotherapy treatment is currently anticipated to be about 6-9 months. During this time, Povey will not be able to attend school.

Dozens of young boys and men lined up at The Kings Club Barbershop on Friday to get their hair buzzed in support of Povey, who got his hair buzzed in preparation for chemotherapy.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to support Povey’s road to recovery, and the amount donated has already exceeded the $10,000 goal.

“We are so deeply appreciative of the community support; we’ve really felt the love,” said Layne Povey, Noah’s mother. “All the money that’s been graciously donated will go toward Noah’s medical bills. If there is any money remaining, it will go toward a cause that supports those who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

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