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I just read the letters (DP Times, Vol. 3, Issue 18) saying cruise ships stopping at Dana Point is a bad idea. I would like to respond to some of the criticism. Cruise ships do not just dump their waste. If you knew the process it goes through before this happens it would amaze you. I can tell you it is no worse, and probably better, than what is pouring out of the out pipe, one mile off shore from our own treatment plant. And cruise ships are out there many miles further doing it. Yes, the ports in Mexico are full of junk shops and kids selling Chiclets. But you don’t have to go to a port to see that, just cross the border. And yes there are some ports in the Caribbean like that, but that’s just what you will find on that island. You will find the same thing at the airport at that same stop. Now go to Saint Bart or Saint Thomas or Jamaica or many other islands, how about Tahiti, Bora Bora or Morrea—all beautiful stops. By the way, do these folks know a cruise ship stops at Catalina every week and has been for years? I don’t see any adverse effect there and I don’t hear of the locals trying to stop it. As for the town being over crowded, I don’t think it would be any more congested during the week with one ship stopping than it is now on a weekend when we get every out of towner within 50 miles coming here to have a picnic. Now there’s a mess, and they don’t usually spend any money while they are here. Should we stop them too?

If you have ever been on a cruise and taken a tender ashore, you would know we have plenty of places for the tender to dock. (Think again of Catalina.) And to say a beautiful cruise ship anchored offshore is an eyesore is a bad stretch. And every small boat will not have to get out of their way any more than they have to for the Catalina Express boat.

Yes, a lot of the tours would be out of town but that goes with the territory. This happens in every port. But it’s like they say “the tide it raises all boats big and small.” Yes, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and Laguna would make out, but so would Dana Point with all that we have to offer.

Most cruise ships leave port by 5 or 6 p.m. I can’t see how that is going to be a problem with getting a dinner reservation unless you only eat at that time. I have been on more cruises than you can imagine and I have never seen a ship bellowing smoke. As for the constant horn going off, I don’t know what ships you have been on? I have only heard a ship make four blasts when it is leaving. It’s a good bye and to let others know they are leaving.

And last, this is only being done to promote business and to put people to work. Well hello!! Of course that’s the reason. Why else would thousands of ports all over the world have ships stopping there? It’s called tourism and it is a big business and God knows Dana Point could use more of it. Would you like to close all the hotels and stores so you can take peaceful walks or runs through our beautiful harbor? Ships stopping here would put a lot of folks to work and bring a lot of money into our city.

Yes I believe having a cruise ship stop at Dana Point is a good idea and it’s way overdue.

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