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J. Scott Schoeffel, Dana Point

I am running for a seat on the Council representing District 2, where I have lived for over 35 years.  I previously served eight years on the City Council (2008-2016), including terms as Mayor and Mayor pro-tem of Dana Point.  Prior to my service as your Councilmember, I served on the Dana Point Planning Commission for nearly 12 years, including terms as Chair and Vice Chair.

I am a Southern California native, giving me first-hand knowledge of Dana Point’s history from a residents’ perspective.  I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Biological Sciences and went on to receive my Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall).  As a California lawyer with over 37 years of experience in land use planning and development, I am well trained in understanding the unique governmental, regulatory and financial challenges our city faces as we work to create and maintain a stunning coastal community that is faithful to its character, with happy residents and a robust economy.

During my time serving Dana Point residents I have also invested in our youth by donating my Council-related compensation to support music education in our public schools and to fund annual scholarship awards for excellence in elementary school performance.  When elected I will continue this practice.  Seven years ago, I co-founded the Dana Point Symphony Orchestra and while serving as Mayor, I initiated formation of the Dana Point Arts and Culture Commission which has done so much to bring public art, events and recognition to our town.

I also serve as an appointed member of the Board of Directors of CalOptima, Orange County’s managed Medi-Cal public agency that arranges health care for over 800,000 county residents.  In that capacity, I manage an annual agency revenue budget that exceeds $3 Billion, and also serve as a member of the board’s Finance and Audit Committee.

I believe in Dana Point’s future.  But we need to focus the Council’s collaborative efforts on the issues and solutions that will ensure success.  Our Council needs to find consensus through experience, wisdom, and imagination, rather than division fueled by misleading special interests.  My neighbors in District 2 and throughout the City have urged me to return to the Council.  I believe my vision, qualifications and past achievements can assist greatly in positive city governance and I would be grateful and honored to have your support and vote in November.

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  • A couple of question and best wishes:

    Do you believe we should cut our police services – like Debra Lewis and Capo Cares?

    What is your vision for downtown – do you envision empty lots with tall grass and dirt or buildings that are new, modern and provide upside to our property values?

    What are your thought on special interest groups and false information that they spread, like Capo Cares and all of the false statements that their leader stated over the past year (so many lies I can’t list them all)?

    How will you lead on pension reform, especially since it is the number one issue causing harm to our budget? Do you envision staff cuts, reduced spending or the logical step, do you believe in increasing revenue sources?

    Do you believe in cutting down the number of meetings taking place (council and all of the committees)? Especially since the staff cost are so high?

    Will you accept money from the developer who just sued the city and settled? I believe he is the one behind “Residents who care to line the pockets of their contributor to ruin DP” or “Residents who Care about DP” Same group, same fraud.

    As an open minded individual I look forward to your comments on these issues. DP in decline

  • Hello DP in Decline,

    Thank you for the questions and the best wishes! I would be happy to discuss your questions with you and would appreciate hearing more of your thoughts on these matters and other Dana Point issues. Please contact me at schoeffel4dp@gmail .com at your convenience.


    Scott Schoeffel

  • Dana Point needs to move forward with new leadership and Mark McGinn for District 2 will bring it.

  • Oh no, not this guy again. Anyone but this guy.

    Residents! Please do not forget! While this council certainly disagrees on a lot of items- the one issue easily solved and unanimously agreed to was getting out of the litigation with Surfrider and the gates up at Strands. (Kudos to all five members of the current council)

    The architect of the strands gate debacle? None other than Scott Schoeffel. And he even highlights it in his letter espousing some sort of previous great work performed for our city While sitting on the Planning Commission (for 8 years) he clearly had detailed knowledge of the Headlands Development Reequipments. Then when on the City Council (for 8 years) he continually directed staff and the city attorney to engage in the never-ending fight over this required beach access.
    Unique training for land use analysis and financial management? Is that a joke?

    Don’t even get me started on the homelessness issue and what actions were taken prior to Mr. Paul Wyatt getting involved. Anyone care about homelessness enough to see what was previously accomplished? Yea- take five minutes and look at the meeting minutes up on the City Website. Nothing- and more importantly a lack of effort.

    On other social media sites, many folks have asked for everyone really analyze the issues why they exist, and the proposed specific solutions. And I agree, please do that. You will come to the same conclusion I do.


  • Mr. Schoeffel had his chance. Schoeffel was part of the council when it wasted millions in tax dollars on litigation to benefit the Strands developer, let spending get so out of control that we no longer ‘t have the funds to invest adequately in parks and other infrastructure, let the Homelessness Task Force go without even meeting, and generally ran the city to benefit special interests instead of the residents.

    Mr. Schoeffel is the past. We need to keep moving forward with new members of the City Council.

  • Blah Blah Blah . He rattles off a lot of crap about so called qualifications. But no policy stances.
    No on Scott and anyone that had anything to do with Strandsgate . Using our money to sue, to effectively limit our own access to the beach. Go pound sand. Who are these people that want you to run? Developers? Special interest of some sort, I am sure.
    By the way, I have no problem with land sitting unused. what is the rush ? Wait until it is a great use not just a another ugly high density boxy structure. Why does every lot need to be used right now ? I am just upset, because of the new district crap I don’t get to help vote out MULLER. How much you spending this time Joe ? Are you surpassing the $50k you spent last time ?

  • Larry, you do realize Joe voted for ending the litigation right? You do realize Mr. Hill and Headlands Development LLC are in bed together right?

    I cant believe this- but our town is going right back to this Strandsgate. Ugghhh.

    I have friends who are servers at the Monarch Club and Payne, Hill and Sanford sit there and dine together all the time.

    Its so pathetic

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