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Ms. Sink’s Letter to the Editor was a perfect example of where we are as a nation. Despite the fact that I actually agreed with much of what she said (not all), her point was immediately negated by her nasty remark about “far left liberals” and “crooked politics.”  I am, just for the record, a newly transplanted Independent here in Dana Point and became an Independent after getting fed up with all the nonsense between the two major parties. I vote for whom I believe is right for our country, not to be loyal to a party!

By throwing in these insults, it does nothing but rile up the other side. Your points become obscure and your anger and partisanship become clear.

I suggest she try writing the letter over without using these tired, worn-out labels so that more people will read the substance of your complaint rather than immediately go into defensive mode. And yes, the “other” party uses these terms as well, and it needs to stop. We are all Americans, all wanting the best for our family, our country. We are all entitled to our opinions, but don’t think yours is the one that counts.

I appreciate her views, but not the rhetoric.

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