Joe Sternbaum, Dana Point

A strange thing happened to me the other day. I dropped by the senior center on Del Obispo, basketball in hand, stopped by the front desk and asked the lady for approval to shoot some hoops.

The gym was empty, she said “No.”

I explained that I’m a senior and even have proof were that to be necessary. She explained “No basketball in the gym for seniors” was permitted. The only basketball activities permitted are for “youth basketball.”

Am I missing something here?

Please indulge me one final comment. I’m a senior resident homeowner of Dana Point who still plays basketball (indoor only) but is not permitted to use the basketball gym at the Dana Point Community Center, which is the exclusive province of young people. Has senility begun to set in?

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  • Hate to be cynical, but I’ve lived in Dana Point for a while, and have observed that anyone with a fistful of money can get anything they want from the powers that be in Dana Point. Let me draw a picture. A group of people were thrown out of their trailer homes in a site kitty corner from the proposed hotel, and the property was sold to a rich developer who has properties in Dana Point, to be developed apparently into 20,000 square feet of shops (according to the City of Dana Point when I asked). Of course there is no pedestrian traffic there, so all of a sudden we have a pedestrian bridge under construction costing millions of tax payer money, strange in itself in a city full of conservative skinflints. So now we have the ugly bridge to nowhere, used by the homeless to cross PCH. Nice. and shops, I guess there was a financial failure involved. But have faith.
    The solution seems to be to build a huge hotel just kitty corner from the potential shops. Gee, magical solution. Those potential shops will be upscale enough so most people from Dana Point won’t shop them, and the rich suckers who stay at the hotel can spend their hard earned in the special shops served by the bridge to nowhere. How long has this been in the planning stage?
    But guess what, the city will get an additional $1.5 million to spend. Somebody build a spreadsheet, to track the extra. Let’s see, because We the People will pay for this little play at making the rich richer at our expense, let’s track where that largess goes. I think We the People will be forgotten, it will be spent on something like the Town Center, designed and built to do one thing, make the rich richer. Does it never end? Not in Dana Point. Ok, it’s probably true this is all set up, the hotel will happen, after the show.
    Here’s what I want in return. This city is in huge need of a swimming pool, for the young and all us old folks who need the exercise to help keep healthy so we can properly enjoy all our five star hotels. But of course that won’t happen, because now the city can say there is no room. You see, when 20,000 square feet of shops is created and hotels are built, there is no room for something for We the People. Bet on it.

    Pool before hotel. Get it.

    Now I wrote something similar here before, but it was censored by this paper. I expect the same will happen this time too. That’s the kind of thing that happens in Dana Point.

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