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The power brokers of Dana Point must be feeling pretty good about the Lantern District makeover. No matter how much more money is needed than budgeted for the redo of the Lantern District, the project marches on with virtually no outcry from the citizenry.

The city floats a $24 million bond and nary is a word spoken in the press about the use of the bond money. To infer that the citizens are in the dark about this bond issuance is stating the obvious.

Next, the city approves an additional $7.7 million for the project. This money will be withdrawn from reserves. Certainly the term reserve speaks for itself—held back for emergencies or natural disasters.

Now that I think of natural disasters, maybe this is money well spent. We are witnessing a disaster in the Lantern Village but again no coverage in the papers. No citizen objections. No elected officials held responsible.

Not long ago, in the State of the City address, our mayor stated that the city is on firm financial footing or words to that effect. Then the mayor voted against the use of the reserves to sustain the next phase of Lantern District project. I wonder, would the mayor still hold to the previous statement regarding fiscal soundness?

And now in the “What’s up With …” section of the DP Times, a story on a developer seeking to build 28,000 square feet of retail space, 111 residences (condos? apartments?), 56 parking spaces and four stories plus 42 inches and what else? Isn’t the height restriction 35 feet? Let’s see 56 parking spaces divided by 111 residences insures half of the residents will have a parking space.

Dana Point will look just like Laguna Beach—with snarled traffic, no parking and every city planner’s dream, population density. Sanity, where art thou?

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  • Dana Point should be so lucky to look and act like Laguna Beach.

  • Dear Jim Slark,

    Are you referring to the Laguna we know today or the Laguna pre “OC” explosion of material possessions, broken family values and development on every precious piece of open space possible, while leaving the cities children viewed as a nuisance? As part of a family that dates back to 1950 in Dana Point I would have to strongly disagree with you.

    Dana Point has it’s own identity and charm. Just because a few Council Members lacking historical knowledge, imagination and creativity are trying to leave their mark before their lame terms are expired. Does not mean we as a strong bodied community have to stand by and watch as a massive up rooting of a city gets under way.

    Dana Point would be so lucky to establish itself as a community built on concrete values and creativity inspired by a rich historical foundation and charm.

  • We are reaching a cross roads in our City as the Town Center and Harbor get closer to redevelopment. This is a good thing! Change is a part of life. Do you want your city to offer more restaurants, businesses and service, and recreation? Do you want your property value to go up? Then it’s time to let progress happen. It takes money to make money, and the City/County are doing the right thing by investing in our infrastructure. I look forward to private citizens/developers building on this foundation. This will only happen when more people that are for something rather than against it express their support for an end to squalor. We have a long way to go until we’re like Laguna Beach, (which wouldn’t be a bad thing by the way). Dana Point could even surpass our neighbor to the north in value and quality of life because we have something they don’t: the harbor. The City’s last parking survey recorded over 50% vacancy at peak hours. It will be a long time until we achieve more density, and even longer if more people oppose progress in the name of fiscal conservatism. Sanity where art thou? How about walking around Town Center with all the empty lots and struggling businesses, or the underdeveloped harbor that prioritizes waterfront parking instead of more open space and good places to eat; now that’s insanity!

  • Matthew; you are misquoting cause and effect histories.
    M says: “Reaching a cross roads in our City as the Town Center and Harbor This is a good thing! Change is a part of life.”
    I say: “Obviously you are too young, you have not had cancer, a bad change! 1930 Germany, Japan, Italy – a bad change! 911-New York jet-impacts remodel: also very bad. Buffalo hunting to extinction? I think you get the point, change when cutting off your nose to spite your face is not a good change.

    M says: “It takes money to make money,”
    I say: Quote does not apply here, in this content or context. D.P. citizens are warned, be careful of newspaper writers like M. I guess Matthew, that you never swam at Stands Beach? Only the L.A. Times Land Barons made money selling this property. Stupid City Council could have traded values with Headlands height restrictions, and worked with State of California, and saving this entire beach! Or, would you rather make money in exchange for Yellowstone Park? Are you fresh out of high school, an orphan? What would the People rather have, (their only real, last available beach) or (limited access to waves?).

    M says: “City/County are doing the right thing by investing in our infrastructure. I look forward to private citizens/developers building on this foundation.”
    I say: D.P. citizens who pay attention, recall that our Harbor is jammed full. 99% of citizens don’t need this new over-expanding plan, only the few who would prefer to expand their enterprise are the ones who like it; this is selfishness and an attack upon the community and environment.
    The “infrastructure- you say” will instead block the most precious views we have. City Council putting a big shopping mall in so that County Supervisors can increase store rents in exchange for overbuilding, devastating existing precious, environments lost. Go see Mission Viejo Mall if you want this shopping experience.

    You say, “Now that is insanity!” You say so many destructive and ignorant things, it makes me think our high schools are failing much more than previously expected. How old are you? 10?
    Dave Bartholomew is holding a meeting Monday, 5 PM Monday, August 4, at Community Center (or outside). Please be there M, I will bring some candy.

  • To Whom It May Concern at the Dana Point Times,
    Please read and review Dave Bartholomew’s comments (above). I believe them to be incendiary and unintelligible. I’d appreciate it if he was blocked from further posts. His response to my comment was very inappropriate and should not be allowed on your website. Tone like this hurts the public comment process and stifles increased participation.


  • Hi Matthew
    I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings.
    Put yourself for once, in the position of the Buffalo, 1846. People in government, politicians, land investors joined with the very rich and lobbyist, they invested in their train ride infrastructure across America. With one shot and repeat rifles they took their shot, with enjoyment robbing the Rights of Buffalo walking to close to the train track. It is an analogy with the likeness to that of sleepy Buffalo or sleey coastal communities losing their quality of life and Rights, simply and altogether for the profit of these 1% others. Like the Land Barons of Dana Point and SJC, they will not stop until we stop them. Got attorney?

    Please come to my meeting, 5 PM Monday the 4th at the Community Center. For the first time (that I know of) I am putting into action those great insights authored by Thomas Jefferson. Please come sign the petition for Grand Jury immediate processing.

    “It is our Right, It is our Duty, To Throw Off Such (DP, SJC, SC) Government, and to provide new guards for our future security.”

    What this means Matthew, is that our government is so broken they can steal our security, our Rights, our lives, our liberties our elbow room, they can steal your quality of life right before your eyes, without you realizing that your own disability had taken place. All done for the all-mighty buck.

    Dave Bartholomew is old, fallen from squamous illnesses … and could use your help to organize this email campaign. Please. DaveBartholomew at cox dot net

  • Sir, the sky is not falling!!! But I do admire your passion and determination.
    With all due respect, bringing up the decimation of the American Buffalo in 1846, cancer, 9/11, or World War II – (all “bad changes” I’ll grant you) is so out of left field that I can’t logically respond. These examples hurt your credibility.
    Unlike the original author who started this exchange, get your facts straight and then let’s have a debate based on truth, the present, and what is really best for our City long-term. I too want to see Dana Point maintain its charm, but not in a way that preserves all the empty lots, decrepit buildings, and struggling businesses.

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