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Heidi Cascardo, Ladera Ranch

The story of the Trump administration’s connections to Russia during the elections appears to be quickly snowballing from a mere suspicion to a major incident. Seemingly every day, new disclosures are revealed about previously undisclosed, and possibly illegal, contacts between senior members of the Trump administration and Russia, including the Russian ambassador. All of a sudden, Mr. Trump’s joke that perhaps Russia should hack Mrs. Clinton’s emails seems less humorous.

Our elected representative, Congressman Darrell Issa, has thus far flip-flopped between calling for an independent investigation and then voting against an independent investigation. A lot of voters are asking: did he choose party politics over national security? If the Russian interference in our elections is true, we will have a crisis much larger than Watergate on our hands. Darrell Issa must understand this is not the time to play politics; this is the time for truth.

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  • Keep spouting garbage. A lot of people believe as you claim to. FYI, the “Russians” as in the former Soviet Union and the current Russia, has been attempting to influence almsot every aspect of the USA since before Roosevelt was elected. Ever hear of Alger Hiss? Read the Verona papers. If this was anyone but President Trump (I love saying that!) it wouldn’t be a news story at all or also as likely somehow portrayed as a plus for the USA/Russia relations. We as a country interfered in the Israeli election and have actively overthrown elected governments all over the world. The government agencies “leaking” misleading stories are responsiblr for the Bay. of Pigs fiasco, probable involvement and incitement at many levels in Viet Nam, possibly even being the major cause of the war, Iran and the installation of the Shah and other incidents. Look for the recent story on Senator Feinstein charges CIA hacking of her offices that the CIA denied, then admitted to. Is it possible they did it again this past election? The FBI, a better agency but certainly one that has confused the hell out of most us the past two years at least, used to keep files on ordinary and extraordinary Americans including the fiercly threatening John Lennon and others. If you want to have an point of anger, get angry that our government is running roughshod over the Constitution and has for decades leading back to at least Woodrow Wilson. History is full of divided government and warring with the media. Let’s not even get into electronic surveillance and it’s abuses as well as uses. Enjoy the research if you have a mind to do so. We citizens are not each other’s enemies. United vs divided as the saying goes. Yhere’s much good to do and it’s going to tke all of us. Elected officials come and go. Let’s get focused.

  • I’m replying to mymown reply. Why? Because in reading it, I went waynoff topic and over reacted to a letter. People of course can believe what they wish. I’m just very tired of the division and being thought of as a political poker chip by the two mainstream parties. If I p****d anyone off because of my strident response, I apologige. People have enough stress over this stuff. I just have to put the iPad down and resist the urge to spout off when not directly asked. Sorry.

comments (2)

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