By Bill Petersen, Dana Point

(Note: this letter ran in print with a mistake in the headline referring to the incorrect ballot measure. We regret the error.)

If we don’t pass Measure H we will become the apartment armpit of South Orange County. Already the owners of the Majestic project, which was 109 condos in three buildings on 2.2 acres, have flipped it to Raintree Partners which is apparently going to make those condos into rentals.

Is this why the taxpayers were tapped for $20 to $26 million and now have to endure congested slow moving Pacific Coast Highway and a deserted but expensive Del Prado Avenue? We thought it was going to be a commercial district. Well, we do have a new BevMo!

Vote yes on Measure H and make sure the Raintree project is the last one of its kind in Town Center. If you vote yes on Measure I you are ensuring that more Raintree type projects will arrive soon, and taxpayers will be paying for the overflow parking from developments that will likely get more parking concessions at our expense. Don’t destroy Dana Point.  Vote yes on citizens’ Measure H, and no on council’s and developers’ Measure I.

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  • It is a real disappointment that the printed version of the Dana Point Times could not get the Title of the article correct, off by one letter. That is significant, sadly. It’s too bad we have to vote on this confusing initiative. Vote YES on H!

    • Well said, Rosemarie! This is so confusing that even the newspaper gets it wrong. Perhaps that was the underlying intention?! Vote yes on citizens’ initiative H and no on the misleading Council’s inititiative I.

  • Title of story issue appears to bet another form of misinformation. Last story about the Majestic (now Raintree partners) project’s start construction had the editor effectively saying there were no variances to the general plan. Just glad we have 4200 residents who know otherwise.

    Hopefully the Measure H group can be as successful getting out the vote as they were in getting this important initiative on the ballot.

    And thereafter, lets hope they focus on getting the pro-developer city council members to be held accountable for their cronyism.

    It still amazing that a democratic system can be effectively upended time and time again by a few bad apples.

comments (3)

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