Lynn Smith, Capistrano Beach

In last week’s Dana Point Times opinion section, two letters about short-term rentals (STRs) from Phil Littell and William Matthies told the ugly truth about what goes on when a city allows STRs. The ugly truth: they are impossible to monitor by our “one-man-band” STR cop, Ted Harris, who has to let flagrant violators slide. The ugly truth: the STR websites email STR owners to flood City Council Chambers and have them wax poetically about the benefits of a transient city. The ugly truth: permanent residents do not matter to our current City Council. The ugly truth: 600 complaints from Beach Road residents. Why won’t Ted Harris regulate STRs on Beach Road if it is a city code? The ugly truth: absentee owners who short-term rent their properties could care less about our community. And the worst ugly truth: our City Council does not care about the residents’ quality of life in our community either. The big lie: that our city can effectively control/monitor/regulate STRs.

The truth: we need to get back-room political antics out of our City Council and have Council members who reflect a greater vision for Dana Point.

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