Jim Sanders, Dana Point

Really? Dana Point finally “gets off their wallet” and builds a great looking pedestrian bridge at Pacific Coast Highway and Del Obispo Street that basically says “Welcome to Dana Point” but opts to go cheap on the sign that indicates Dana Point’s Town Center?

It looks so basic and cheap that I am embarrassed it’s even there. The kids at Malcom Elementary School could have designed a better sign with crayons and construction paper.

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  • Yes, real cheap looking sign. Looks like something from a trailer park. Come on DP, step it up!

  • My first reaction was the same: really?!! Is that the best we can do? Why wasn’t there any input from our artists or arts commission on this? Who approved it? So let’s take stock, shall we? We have the bridge look, the Cape Cod look in the Ralphs shopping center and other buildings, the rock at all City entrances and now this retro looking cheap sign. Exactly what is our identity? As usual Dana Point has no idea.

comments (2)

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