STR Neighbors Are Not the Issue
George Ray, Capistrano Beach

I wish to respond to recent letters from Dana Point residents concerning short-term rentals. I am an owner and operator of short-term rentals in Capistrano Beach. One of the letters comes from a property owner located between two short-term rentals. I would bet that this property owner is the one and only home in Dana Point in this particular situation.

I assume that this property owner has previously contacted the City to voice his concerns, and has met with the owners of these short-term rentals to resolve the issues.  Certainly, any loud parties or other annoyances should be stopped immediately.  The resident’s letter mentioned the traffic generated from the cleaning crews. These activities are really no different than the normal traffic generated by any owner and his family. 

If this property owner was situated between two homes that had several dogs that barked all the time and attacked his children, there would be justification to deal with these animals. Does that mean that all dogs should be removed from Dana Point?

The other letter to the editor dealt with several separate issues: operational and the number of short-term rentals. Those of us advocating short-term rentals believe that there should be solid restrictions on the total number and location of short-term rentals, to avoid the saturation of STR’s in any specific area of our city.  We all want to have a vibrant community of local residents, but we can also share our community with visitors. 

Short-term rentals, to a substantial degree, offer accommodations to visitors that can’t be adequately served by hotels. Many of our guests have kids and dogs, and these guests require yards and full kitchens to meet their needs.

My long-term tenants had large parties that were noisy; they were messy and had dogs that howled at night. One long-term renter turned his apartment into a marijuana grow house and got thrown in jail. My short-term rental guests have been perfect neighbors, and we have had zero complaints. They also eat at Dana Point restaurants and visit the Ocean Institute, go out on whale watching tours and enjoy the Dana Point amenities.

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