There has been a lot of talk about short-term rentals and our city council’s push to allow them in Dana Point. Some are for them; many are against them.

Whether you have strong opinions or not, you probably agree that if the city plans to change the zoning on your home, you deserve a vote on the matter. 

One councilmember agrees with that. Councilmember Wyatt made a motion that any such change related to short-term rentals should be on the ballot for voters to decide. His motion failed. It was voted down by our council majority of Joe Muller, Richard Viczorek, and Jamey Federico. 

The surprise there was Councilman Federico deciding against your right to vote. During the campaign last year, he promised you’d get a vote on this issue. He billed himself as a property rights advocate. But on Tuesday, he reversed himself and denied your right to vote on changes to your home’s zoning. 

This is an important issue. It impacts community livability and quality of life. It impacts noise, traffic, and parking in our neighborhoods. It impacts the availability of housing in our community. It impacts the value of your home.

The problem is that you might not vote the right way. But fear not. Because Councilmember Jamey Federico knows better than you. And he’s here to save you from yourself.

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