It appears that Dana Point is developing into an economic developer dream…Destination Dana Point. There seems to be so many planned events on the weekends, which calls for questions…Is Dana Point running so lean financially thus having to promote so many activities? Or is Dana Point actually gaining financially by excessive activities? Or is the possibility that the city is being used for the various promoters gain? Either way, the facilities in the city seem to be over tread and overused.

We have had years of long standing events but the addition of so many new ones may be out of balance. Beer fests, BBQs and Blues have their place but require the constant shuttling of traffic throughout the city.

Now, the final question: Where are the activities for the youth?

Many were hoping for the water board property to lend itself for some youth project.

Where are the economic developers for developing things for the young people? They are the best investment for a town with rewarding returns. Would it be possible for the city to partner with the high school for some joint activities like a battle of the bands of similar activities? We should be able to offer our youth more than hanging out in the shopping centers which many times are restricted.

May I encourage an easing on more Dana Point events and concentrate on providing events for the local young people.

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