SANFORD EDWARD, San Juan Capistrano

I am writing in response to the false allegations that Shevy Akason made in the last Dana Point Times issue.  Usually, I do not respond to people’s misinformation.  But I have seen this type of nonsense escalate, until I was forced to file a defamation lawsuit this year against the Dana Point Taxpayers Association, who, as a judge recently ruled, appears guilty of maliciously maligning my reputation by knowingly sending out libelous mailers during the 2018 election.

Mr. Akason falsely claims that I paid to get rid of a good short-term rental ordinance because I “develop hotels,” and this “helped further other interests” I have in the City of Dana Point. Neither of these allegations are true. For the record, I have never developed a hotel (nor do I plan to), and I sold the hotel site on the Strand at Headlands project years ago to a hotel developer from Michigan.

My involvement in overturning the Short-Term Rental ordinance stemmed solely from the fact that the city ordinance gave approval rights that currently do not exist to the California Coastal Commission.  Period. That was the only reason I was involved. I assume Mr. Akason made a simple mistake by publicly questioning my motives, and I do not believe he did so maliciously, but had he taken the time to call my office, I would have personally explained these facts to him.

Instead of titling his letter “What I’ve Learned about Dana Point Politics,” Mr. Akason’s piece might have more properly been called “What I Don’t Know about Dana Point Politics.”

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