Judy Davison, Dana Point

If Councilman Viczorek had joined us Saturday evening at the Dana Point Symphony concert at St. Edwards church, he would have not found a parking lot filled with Mercedes, Jaguars or luxury sedans of “wealthy patrons” but more modest cars that transported residents, families, the elderly, the disabled, students as well as old and new classical music lovers to the site. Yes, the concerts are in a church in a neighborhood, but fortunately, it’s one that’s one easy to find, has adequate parking, is gracious enough to allow us to turn it into a concert venue, has exceptional acoustics, and as a bonus, provides the unique experience of letting the audience be “up close and personal” to the musicians.

If you haven’t been to one of the concerts, you need to really put it on your schedule. You will be amazed and pleased at the depth of the professionalism and the quality of the performances.

Most of us are extremely happy that we no longer need to drive 45 to 60 minutes and pay a ever-rising high ticket price to hear a fine orchestra, but can find one in our own backyard. Although we love our beaches and our parks, our summer concerts, our restaurants and hotels, and many of the other activities and benefits of living in Dana Point, we are thrilled and proud that our fledgling symphony provides us, with the city’s support, donations and modest ticket prices, these heavily attended and enjoyed cultural programs.

The first line of the Dana Point Mission Statement reads: “To develop and ensure the highest possible quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors.”  Supporting the Dana Point Symphony certainly is embodied in that mission. Let us continue to work together, the City of Dana Point and the residents of the city, to be a city that offers this outstanding benefit to our community.

*Judy Davison is a retired Orange County Museums and Youth Organizations Director and was previously on staff of both ’84 LA Olympic Comm. and the Development Staff of the Segerstrom Center.

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