Barbara LeGrand, Dana Point

Hopefully the Orange County Board of Supervisors will reconsider its plan to change the parking along Dana Point Harbor Drive to a four hour period (Dana Point Times, “What’s up with … Harbor Drive Parking?, Jan. 24-Jan. 30, Vol. 7, Issue 4).

Perhaps Mr. Jim Miller could be more charitable and less judgmental to the “new class of homeless people.”

With economic conditions making mere survival difficult, many families appreciate the free parking offered along Dana Point Harbor Drive. They are willing to make this hike and schlepp their beach paraphernalia into Doheny State Park to spend the day. Not just four hours. They can then avoid paying $15 to park at a beach, which currently does not offer food service, lifeguards or reliable amenities.

Dana Point is not as exclusive as some would like to think. We should be warm and welcoming to all, even if they have been forced into circumstances creating the “new class of homeless people.”

Why is this suddenly an issue? The economy will get better. Those pesky RVs will leave. Meanwhile, what would be the cost for new signage?

Let’s hope the county’s traffic committee is more compassionate and sensible.

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