By Matthew Miller, Dana Point

I can’t believe (the TBID) canceled the 2015 IlluminOcean.  My family and I are actually sad.

After such a successful first run last season, I was so certain it had become a new Dana Point tradition.  My wife and I took our young kids by the Harbor almost nightly and we patronized the businesses.  It was always crowded and busy but we didn’t care because it was so charming. Our kids loved it, and we thought it was romantic.  We bragged about our city at work and invited friends in neighboring cities to bring their kids and join us at the Harbor.

How disappointing that the TBID can’t continue what they started, and expand it.  There are so many great festivals/concerts/activities in the summer.  It would have been nice to have a strong anchor event in the winter to liven up our town.

Is there a way the city could co-sponsor or help partially fund this, or compel the TBID to follow through with their commitment to put this on again?  Let’s all come together and demand that the lights come back!

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