By Betty Hill, Capistrano Beach

The financial statements presented at the June 2 City Council meeting did not “show us the money” as requested on the front page of the Dana Point Times; they lacked transparency and accountability.

The people of Dana Point deserve an understandable accounting of what the city has spent in the past and intends to spend in the future. The city staff presented no accounting of the expenditures resulting in years of deficit spending and the depletion of $35,688,000 of the city’s reserves from a high of $55,011,000 in 2008 to its present condition of $19,323,000.

At the meeting, Capo Cares, a group of Capistrano Beach residents, and Doheny Village businesses, asked the city to provide a timeline for the completion of the Doheny Village Plan instead of more unmet promises, but were dismissed. The City Council would not allocate any money in the budget to even clean up the sidewalks and shrubbery in Doheny Village.

According to our city staff, Capistrano Beach residents should be satisfied with the money spent for needed repairs on sewers and streets in the area rather than ask for some improvements given other parts of Dana Point.

It should be noted that $3.5 million from the sale of Capistrano Beach neighborhood parkland was transferred to Town Center by the City Council. Shouldn’t that money have gone toward needed improvements in Doheny Village and Capistrano Beach?

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