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Kora was found by one of our Animal Control Officers after receiving multiple reports from residents of a very thin sickly coyote. When the officer arrived on the scene, she observed a cowering, frightened but very sweet female German shepherd that was too weak to stand. Her emaciated frame appeared to be the size of a coyote. She was brought back to our shelter and we named her Kora. Kora is suffering from inexcusable neglect. She is fighting chronic flea infestation and skin infection, which has led to hair loss; lack of an adequate diet, which has left her approximately 25-30 pounds underweight; and general muscle loss due to the extent of her poor care. Her recovery will be slow, but no doubt steady, as she has already shown a great recovery in her personality and an appetite here at the shelter. Once she is better, she will be put up for adoption into a loving home she has always deserved, but never experienced.

Working at the animal shelter is usually a wonderful experience—seeing children adopt their first animal, young families start out with two kittens or a senior who needs the love of a small lap dog. But on occasion we get an animal, usually a dog, that is so abused or neglected as to bring the Pet Project Foundation volunteers and staff to tears.

Your donations allow P.P.F. to care for the many homeless animals that come through our shelter. We can’t do this without your generous support and we graciously thank you.

Donations can be sent to Pet Project Foundation, P.O.Box 5678, San Clemente 92674.

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