by Philip J. Topar, Dana Point

In my research, there is clearly one candidate that stands out in terms of concrete contributions to Dana Point, and that is Scott Schoeffel. He is one of the few candidates who in my mind, knows how to make Dana Point a thriving community. This includes a robust business community, thriving tourism business and a solid local economy, as well as providing a high quality of life to the residents of this beautiful city.

He is the driving force behind initiatives such as the Harbor Revitalization Plan, Headlands project, Doheny Village Plan and the TBID marketing plan. I believe Scott Schoeffel understands the meaning of stewardship, cultivation and cooperation. He understands the full picture of what it takes to build bridges in the community—not just draw bridges. He understands the value of long-term planning, but also taking action and leading.

He has worked with local arts organizations to make cultural events and arts education accessible. It is my understanding that he is the only candidate who has donated all of his after-tax compensation from the city and TCA to SOCSA to support music education in the public schools. This is not merely talking about supporting initiatives, but actually doing the things that matter. He ushered in the formation of the Arts and Culture Commission. His role in the formation and building of the Dana Point Symphony was and is crucial. This organization is a wonderful symbol of community participation and pride. Scott Schoeffel has tried to attend every single city event he physically could during his term as mayor, and continues that pattern of true involvement and a sense of responsibility to his constituents, the residents of Dana Point.

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