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Randolph W. Journitz, Dana Point

It is with great interest that I have been reading the multiple comments and letters submitted by Dana Point residents, and I guarantee non-Dana Point residents, on the subject of short-term rentals. Before going on, let me make it perfectly clear that as a 12-year resident of Dana Point I am against the passage of the proposed short-term rental proposition.

Why am I against it? All you need to do is read about all the problems other communities that have allowed this type of proposal to happen are experiencing and how after the fact they are trying to stop it. In some cases, it’s the homeowners themselves; in others, the city councils have jumped on the stop-it bandwagon.

As some communities are finding out, once allowed, it is near impossible to stop.

On the side of those who support this proposal I can see no other reason other than greed as to why they want it passed.

Money, money, money. It always comes down to that one simple fact. Any other stated reasons are pure nonsense. Money is the one and only reason.

Lost in their greed is the fact that all of Dana Point will be rezoned as a commercial area; we will no longer be a family community, rather we will become a commercial enterprise. Gone will be the ability for residents to move around their own city, gone will be our right to govern ourselves since the current proposal turns that power over to the Coastal Commission, meaning the state. We will no longer have the final say on anything that affects our community or our lifestyle.

The state will now make every decision with little concern (if any) for the local citizens.

Why would the state commission do that, you ask?

More taxes, which equals money.

It always, always comes down to that one simple fact.

Lastly, has anybody seen the stories in the newspapers and on TV about how short-term rental agencies have caused sky-rocketing rents?

End result is most long-term working renters can’t afford to rent apartments, let alone buy houses.

What is to become of these people that are for the most part your neighbors, friends, co-workers and families? Do you really care for nothing other than how much more money you can make?

It’s time to wake up, Dana Point, and say as loud as we can, “No” to this proposal.

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  • Randolph, I too have lived in Dana Point for about 12-years, we actually discovered the city after staying at a vacation rentals at Strands in 2002. Short term rentals have operated peacefully and successfully for over 50-years, well before our city was incorporated. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting wonderfully families from Japan, France and Ohio, who have stayed in Dana Point vacation rentals and have ended up as life long friends. You describe the havoc caused be people staying in short term rentals, but police reports paint an entirely different picture, There have been few valid complaints over the years. This is a fact backed up by comments made by our city’s planning department. It is my opinion that it is the large Hotel chains that are behind the push to stop short term rentals. I believe we as residents need to fight for our property rights. If I want to rent my house our for a few months in the summer, why should I be prevented from doing so? Finally, when you live in a coastal area like Dana Point, you have to abide by the California Coastal Act, who’s mandate is to increase coastal access for all. Fact of the matter is our hotels and motels aren’t appropriate for most families and are cost prohibitive. If our city is not in alignment with the Coastal Act it will likely find itself in the midst of long expensive lawsuits. I’d rather see that money spent improving our infrastructure and our community.

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