By Carole Weling, Capistrano Beach

I wrote to City Manager Doug Chotkevys recently regarding the number of RVs camping on the streets of Dana Point, in particular the village area of Capistrano Beach. I provided the license numbers and type of vehicles as well as their location. I intentionally left two vehicles off the list, as I wanted to determine if the Sheriff’s Department was actually performing their duties to our community.

Unfortunately, I was right. The two vehicles I omitted still remain on the streets of Capistrano Beach—after over three weeks on the streets, to my personal knowledge.

California plate (number removed) appears to be inoperable, is totally cluttered and remains on Victoria and Doheny Road. California plate (number removed) is on Pacific Coast Highway and is open and obvious with a blue tarp, covered windows and is also cluttered.

There is a problem with the service that we pay for with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department? There is definitely something wrong and the city needs to inquire into why we pay for services that on an ongoing basis are not provided. My personal experience has been that when the person assigned to Dana Point (Lt. R. Chilton) is contacted regarding a law enforcement issue, his response has been the same—he is surprised. How long can the city pay for services where they are not provided and the person assigned to provide the services is always in the surprised mode?

The city of Dana Point needs someone that is sensitive and respectful to the issues that need the Orange County Sheriff’s attention. I am sure that the city manager and City Council agree.

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