By Wayne Rayfield, Dana Point

As a longtime supporter of most everything involving Dana Point, I am compelled to join Heather Johnston and Jim Miller in expressing great displeasure in the cancelation of the IlluminOcean Holiday Light Show. (See “Eye on DP,” Aug. 14-20 issue of the DP Times.)

As Heather pointed out, the event was not only good for the businesses in the Harbor and city, but brought the community together as well. It was a “win-win” for all and the decision to cancel the event should be challenged.

As Jim points out, this decision can’t be motivated by the event’s cost; the TBID has plenty of money by all reports.

I fervently hope that City Council will step forward and challenge the TBID on this. One must ask, “Just who is running the city anyway?” I fail to see that the TBID members care about the greater community’s interests when they take actions like this.

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