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Capt. Art Burnevik, Dana Point Harbor

When it comes to the “progressives” and criticism of Trump, there’s an infectious trend in the media that I describe as fact-free, “intellectual” groupthink. Power over the masses can be measured by the volume of ink and airwaves controlled by a freedom-crushing government. It’s the core method of how a society is conscripted into the hell of a totalitarian regime run by thought police and a corrupt media. It may begin with “safe spaces” on campuses but it always ends the same with people being jailed or worse for thinking the wrong thoughts or speaking the truth. Where a publisher or broadcaster stands in defense of the truth is as important to a free-thinking society as the air we breathe.

In last week’s edition, the DP Times published a letter to the editor claiming that the Trump administration’s entire foreign affairs agenda was derived from Fox News. It should not have been published because it’s simply character assassination and a baseless slur against the president. It’s not Fox News… it’s Fake News, not worthy of repeating.

In the religion of the left, everything that Obama did was heavenly and orderly but when it comes to Trump, common sense gets short-circuited in deference to a “safe space mentality,” which is a fear of facts. Saul Alinsky made a simple rule: If you can’t win the argument with facts, destroy the character of the opponent.

Two editions of DP Times back, a letter ran that claimed Trump passed an order (removing information from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)) to make it “easier to hurt animals.” In fact, it was Obama’s USDA and Justice Department’s months of wrangling with litigation exposure and privacy rights that preceded the action. The decision was to avoid legal actions against the government for potential privacy violations and claims for damages. According to Tri-State Livestock News, APHIS says the move followed a “comprehensive review” over the past year that involved looking at court rulings and privacy laws—suggesting the change was not brought on by the new administration.

Reading this letter further, if you also want to believe that “100,000 thoroughly vetted Muslim immigrant visas were oppressively pulled by the same dark-of-night” Trump dog-haters, you have officially entered the World of Fake News—kind of a remedial version of the Twilight Zone for people that see reality, truth and the Constitution as inconvenient impediments to a “progressive” dictatorship.

Be careful that you don’t get infected. Ignorance can be fatal.

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comments (2)

  • Thank you, Captain, for your refreshing commentary.

  • Capt. Art Burnevik,

    Outstanding observations. Political correctness is a cancer eating this country from the inside out. Even liberal commentator, Kirsten Powers, has written a book about the left’s attack on free speech. We are tired of these progressives rioting, blocking highways, and assaulting those who support President Trump and doing so because their candidate got beat despite the help she received from the media.

    Again, thanks for your much needed comments during this time of increasing violence from the progressive left.

comments (2)

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