Jane Ryan, Capistrano Beach

The Planning Commission’s approval of a high density duplex project on Via Verde in Capistrano Beach is a slap in the face to the residents living here and the neighborhood as a whole. Thanks for the thoughtful decision to allow the building of another over-sized structure. It’s just what we need – more cars and traffic to add to our charming beach community. We don’t need a project of this scale on a street that already suffers from too many cars and not enough parking.

The commission claims there will be enough parking for the residents but I find that hard to believe because the plan calls for four large units. I predict each family could have two or three cars and if you do the math, that’s a possibility of eight to 12 cars. There is no way these residents will be able to fit all their cars in their driveway. This is a bad idea.

Beware citizens of Capistrano Beach, this is what happens when you aren’t watching, you get a mega development that negatively impacts your street. There goes the neighborhood.

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