Paul Hinman, Dana Point

As a fiscal conservative, I applaud Councilman Viczorek’s wire brushing of the proposed city budget, (Dana Point Times’ Guest Opinion, May 12-18).  Kudos to him. However, I take exception to a couple opinions he presented in his article.

First, in criticizing city support of the Dana Point Symphony, Councilman Viczorek implied that great music is only appreciated by “wealthy patrons who could support it privately.” This is demonstrably false. Great music is appreciated and loved by all classes of people. If the Councilman had ever attended a Dana Point Symphony concert, (he has not), he would see that is the case.

Dana Point is a destination city, and has a reputation of being a quality place to live. Contributing to that reputation is the city’s demonstrated concern and support for the arts. The Council and the Arts Commission have done a good job in promoting public art, art appreciation via the Art Walk, supporting the Dana Point Symphony and other initiatives. Of course music lovers benefit from the symphony, but so do others in the community who profit by the burnishing of our reputation. Councilman Viczorek complained that the proposed budget eliminated funding for an event which funds the VFW of which he is a member. It depends on whose ox is getting gored. I think the VFW does fine work. But the citizens of Dana Point do benefit from having a quality symphony perform in our municipality, and I would hope the Council will continue to support them.

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  • Thank you, Paul, for eloquently pointing out that great music is for everyone. My parents were not rich people, but we they were able to get inexpensive tickets to community orchestra concerts when I was 7. Hearing a teenager play a Rachmaninoff concerto with that orchestra propelled me to pursue music. Now at age 60 and working professionally in music for more than 40 years, it is all too apparent that those experiences are life-changing. Our civilization will not be remembered for how many banks it built, nor how many parades it had, but for the culture and art it supported.

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