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We wanted to respond to the comment posted by Gary Rohr on the online version of the article entitled “Camino Capistrano Traffic Calming,” questioning why the city didn’t reduce the speed limit on Camino Capistrano.

In response to complaints, the city evaluated the feasibility of reducing the speed limit on Camino Capistrano in the early stages of our review on this issue. The city must follow state law (California Vehicle Code) when setting speed limits to avoid establishing unenforceable limits (speed traps). The law requires us to prepare a Traffic Speed Survey of prevailing speeds, accident history and road conditions for each street segment. This was done for Camino Capistrano in 2015 and resulted in a limit of 35 mph. The street was surveyed again in 2016 and the results were the same. Therefore, reducing the speed limit was not an option.

In designing Camino Capistrano improvements for a planned Repaving Project, the city seized the opportunity to add traffic calming improvements. The city’s Traffic Improvement Subcommittee and property owners in this area supported narrower vehicle lanes, realigning two side street intersections, constructing several raised bulb outs at intersections and adjusting the roadway striping.

The project will be brought to the City Council for consideration of an award of contract in January. Please contact me with any questions at 949.248.3574.

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