Joe Thompson, Capistrano Beach

I’m a 28-year resident (homeowner) of Capistrano Beach and absolutely love our town. I’ve raised my two girls here and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Other than living near the beach, one of the things I like most about Dana Point are the fun, family-oriented activities sponsored by the city such as the terrific fireworks display every Fourth of July (this year was the best show ever), the Easter egg hunt and the summer movies and concerts in the parks. These are tangible things that I support using the property taxes I pay as they bring the community together.

Myself, as well as just about every neighbor I speak with, agrees that we would rather not have a reduction in these activities due to budget cuts as opposed to a reduction in weekly street sweeping services. Our streets in Capo Beach do not need sweeping every week as they just don’t get that dirty. As such, is street sweeping in the Palisades area of Capo Beach just a guise to bring in funding from parking tickets? Further, I’m sure there are other areas where the city could save revenue other than reducing these activities and shortening the fireworks display by a third. What about ticketing the many residents that leave their trash cans in public view? The city could make revenue while beautifying our neighborhoods.  Further, besides the $300,000 settlement, I don’t know the amount of legal fees the City has spent trying to fight the Coastal Commission regarding the access gate at Strands Beach, but I’m sure it was enough to cover the eight minutes we’re losing for next year’s Fourth of July fireworks show.

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