By Theresa Nowak, Capistrano Beach 

I have written a couple of letters to the editor addressing littering of cigarette butts. I am very happy to report that the improvement where I walk is so awesome! My friend/neighbor called me the other day to tell me she saw another man walking and picking up cigarette butts. He was wearing protective orange gloves. My first question to her: “Did you get a pic?” Unfortunately she did not, but one of these days we will see it and snap it. So, I want to thank you sir with the orange gloves and anyone else out there who is helping to make a difference in our hive.

In our city we have queen bees and worker bees. Our queen bees take charge, delegate and also inspire the worker bees to find what they are good at. The worker bees then contribute their small but important part to the hive. Now, as in any hive, there are bees who just feel they don’t have time and are too busy to get involved in their hive—surely the other bees will pick up their slack. But just imagine if all the bees participated. It doesn’t even have to be a time consuming job. Pick up a piece of trash, cigarette butts or sweep your gutters when they have debris. Our oceans give us so much pleasure and are such an important part of our hive. A little contribution will make a big difference for all the bees.

Recently, the Neighborhood Watch Program was inspired to become more active by Capo Cares (check them out on Facebook) and Dana Point Police Services. If you are interested, contact Jill Jackson at jnjackson@ocsd.org 949.248.3581. I got involved and the participation that I have experienced with it in my neighborhood has been very rewarding. My sister and her neighbor also became block captains on their street and signed up more than 30 neighbors. We have found that meeting new neighbors has been an added bonus to making our hive safer. I hope you worker bees out there will think about joining us and start a Neighborhood Watch on your block.

Oh, by the way, I am a worker bee.

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