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By Art Burnevik, Dana Point

In response to Jim Kempton’s column, “Playing the Trump Card” in last week’s paper, Kempton is a blind-eyed left-winger that Dana Point Times gives a lopsided, fully loaded soapbox opportunity to spew every cliché and personal attack he can contrive, to make up for his lack of intellectual arguments. George W. Bush was a draft dodger because he signed on with the National Guard and only someone stupid could fly a supersonic jet? Have I got that right? As far as the Clintons, I suppose it depends on what the definition of “is” is; and it’s perfectly fine that Hillary was running her own private government and self-policing an illegal, State Department server which she wiped clean with a do rag? It’s no big deal as long as you believe in totalitarianism, corrupt politicians and presidents that lie to the public (Obama Care, Benghazi, Ferguson) and to a Grand Jury (Monica).

Career politicians like McCain and Kerry have been hiding behind their prison camp and war history like Obama and his colorful cadre hide behind an affirmative action, invisible race shield. Don’t you dare call out incompetent politicians and inept policies for fear of being called a hero hater or a racist! Liberals are falling over themselves to give failure a chance.

We have a government in a financial tailspin orchestrated by a money-sucking, overregulated operation headed by Obama. We have anarchy in the streets passively endorsed by democrat leaders that selectively enforce laws, and riots fueled by race baiting presidential advisers like Al Sharpton. What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now! (Black lies matter.)

Kempton is a “master” at character assassination except when it comes to liberals—like when Joe Biden said Obama was the perfect presidential candidate being “black and (because) he is clean and speaks well” or when he said, “You can’t stop at a 7-Eleven without running into someone with an Indian accent.”  I guess it’s OK to be a liberal bigot?

It is easy for a simpleminded zealot to call out Trump as a bad man and a sexist but we have a president that has never held a private sector job. Obama couldn’t manage a lemonade stand (if he could get through the permitting process) without a half a dozen czars (also known as similar college pinheads) but America has him running the entire United States economy and making decisions about who gets the bomb. Dah.

I would like a capitalist running capitalism and a president who understands peace through strength.

Maybe it’s time for Kempton to move to Cuba.

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comments (2)

  • What you failed to grasp is that Kempton”s piece is humor, which you are sadly lacking. You are also lacking self-examination when you accuse Kempton of personal attacks while you proceed to use language like “blind-eyed left-winger” “simpleminded zealot” and “college pinheads”–but it’s ok if you do it, Mr. burn evil? Oops, my auto spell changed your name to that, but I’ll leave it, because you are an angry old crank who apparently doesn’t think that Trump’s inexcusable statements about women should be given a second thought. And you actually believe that CEOs like Trump and Fiorina who have gone bankrupt 4 times or run a corporation into the ground with outsourcing and tax trickery are more qualified to be in the “business” of government than actual public servants who have devoted their lives to understanding government. You might think that Obama couldn’t handle a lemonade stand, but Trump had 4 lemonade stands that went belly up. And who is left holding the bag? His creditors. The United States government doesn’t have the option of declaring bankruptcy.

  • “…than actual public servants who have devoted their lives to understanding government.”

    More like SELF SERVANTS whose efforts are only and always to maintain their positions of power. Reelection is their raison d’etre and if in the pursuit of this goal some are helped, great, we should consider ourselves fortunate.

    “You are also lacking self-examination when you accuse Kempton of personal attacks while you proceed…”

    So you charged Art Burnevik, then YOU proceed to deliberately misspell his name as “burn evil” and call him an angry old crank. In past articles you’ve also described people of the southern states as people who always take out more than they put in as well as referring to them as insensitive yahoos. You have disqualified yourself from any faux outrage regarding personal attacks.

    When Obama took office, the national debt was about 10 trillion, it is now over 18 trillion. As you correctly pointed out, we’re left holding the bag and without the option to declare bankruptcy AND our position in the world has manifestly deteriorated.

    I’m still curious, did you believe Obama when he claimed numerous times that we could keep our doctor, that we could keep our medical plan if we liked them?
    What did you think of Jonathan Gruber’s revelations as to the necessity to lie to the American public on these issues?
    Did you believe the Obama lies, which he maintained for two weeks, that the Benghazi attacks that occurred on the anniversary of 9/11 were the result of an internet video?
    Did you believe Obama when he stated he would get to the bottom of the IRS targeting of conservative groups?
    Bugging the AP?
    Trading 5 top Taliban leaders for an apparent deserter whose alleged desertion caused the deaths of several Americans?
    Did you appreciate Obama’s attempts to hurt average Americans during the 2013 government shutdown? see the below:

    And now, do you believe the explanations Hillary Clinton gives for her e-mail and server woes?

comments (2)

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