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Michael Ahern, Dana Point

I am writing this letter to express my sadness over the decision of the Planning Commission to OK the massive development at 34466 Via Verde after the objections of the entire neighborhood have been voiced. Not one person from the community spoke up in favor of this development. All of the citizens who attended—whom represented many more that could not attend—objected to the massive development because it would greatly reduce the quality of life in the community.

The Planning Commission used the excuse that the development met the zoning requirements to ignore the best interest of the community. The zoning rules are outdated and serve the interest of only the property owner and do not reflect the best interest of the community.

Prior to the commission hearing from the public, a representative from the Planning Commission gave the pitch for the development, and the woman used a photo of my property to make the case that the development would be similar to other properties on the street. This is false, and I resent a city official making this claim. My property is a duplex and currently has four adults living there with two, two-car garages. The proposed development is much larger than my property.

The city of Dana Point and the needs of the community have changed greatly in 40 years. Yet the Planning Commission is using the excuse of outdated zoning rules to push through this development over the objections of all the citizens who live in the area.

Local authority should represent the majority, not the self-interest of a single property owner who does not care about the long-term negative impact of a huge development, including crime, which is a problem in our city. This development would not be approved in Laguna or Rancho Santa Margarita, and I would make the case that that is why crime is much lower in those communities.

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