Carter Redish, San Clemente

Last Friday, I was out for my usual early morning walk, trying to get out before the next downpour arrived, and just around the corner, I noticed the walkways in front of the first house were wet. It had not started to rain, so the yard sprinklers had been on. Two houses down, the sprinklers at that house were running. Later that day, the sky opened up and we got a downpour.

This morning, two more houses on a different street had their sprinklers running, water pouring down the gutter, and we are scheduled for another storm this weekend. I have not run our yard sprinklers for at least the last three months. Every week, we have been getting our fill of natural rain, like clockwork.

California is finally getting the rain it needed, but as is so often the case, too much at one time. But our water problems are not over just because we are having a good rainy season. Next year, we may be back to drought conditions, so everyone should learn how to operate their sprinklers and pay attention to when and how long they are operating, or they won’t have water during the next drought.

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