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Deborah Blaine, Dana Point

Dear Mayor Weinberg,

I am a five year resident of Dana Point and in particular Niguel Beach Terrance Condominiums. As such, I have been an observer of the growth and development of the project (Strand Vista Park) over the years and would just like to make a couple of brief comments, as I am sure you receive a lot of unsolicited advice. I walk the area daily, as do my neighbors, so I feel like I have a pretty good feel for the goings on and vibe of the day to day of the area.

First, I don’t understand why the parking lot isn’t metered. This would give the city much needed revenue and would aid in the cluster situation that arises from the free for all that goes on now since it is free and people will basically park almost anywhere (including on curbs and in red curbed areas, and are not cited).

We have brought this up to another city official a couple years back and were told it is “too expensive” to meter the lot. I find this hilarious, as you could install a system similar to what they have at Treasure Island Park (by the Montage) or Salt Creek Beach, which is a machine and then patrons get tickets and put them in their cars.

Your senior volunteers could monitor this, so I don’t see how this would really be “cost prohibitive,” as I believe you would bring in a quite a lot of money. This would also hopefully keep out some of the undesirables that come and park to smoke marijuana and have sex—in broad daylight.

Secondly, the walkway is filthy. The waste cans do get emptied, but the ground needs to be power washed, as do the steps on a regular basis. They are littered with cigarette butts, picnic trash, bottle caps and other detritus the morning after the tourists (and bad mannered townies) have gone home and left their debris behind.

Enjoy the vista and leave your trash. Guess that’s the American way. Just not the America I was brought up to believe in. Thank you for your time.

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comments (3)

  • Well Deborah, here’s my view.

    I have been a resident of Dana Point for 26 years specifically in the Lantern Village area and I enjoy the fact that I can park for free at Strands. With the exception of the short summer months, I would bet that most residents of Dana Point appreciate the free parking as well (why do I need to pay to enjoy a day at the beach or the sunset as a resident?)

    I’m sure that the City is doing quite well with the local business tax as well as the bed tax not to mention the street sweeper/parking fees.

    Your “undesirables” remark is shallow at best. This behavior would go on whether or not the lot is metered. However, I do agree with the power washing of the sidewalks(I wonder how many residents will appreciate being referred to as “bad mannered townies”?).

    I guess that the America that you believe in, is that we should pay to enjoy things that should be free. Also, if you are that unhappy with the City, maybe you should relocate!

  • Greg, I also used to live in the Niguel Beach terrace for 6 years. I would have to concur with Deborah that there needs to be some more patrolling or a better cleanliness habit at the strands lot. Meters absolutely not. Also it’s okay to call some people Undesirable – let’s face it; look what happened at the Huntington u.s. open when the 909er trash crowd comes to the beach. Don’t you see that trashy people are undesirable. Now you can’t keep all the creeps out but you can make it a place where creeps think “I can’t go be undesirable there because I’ll get busted”. The city did try to put meters in at strands back in 2005. They got vandalized on the 1st day and then the city took them away. Eventually the lot will probably be metered but I don’t think it will keep the trash out. Who cares what trashy people think. If you can’t pick up after yourself and act like a good human then you don’t deserve an opinion. I like Dana Point and I’m not going anywhere but the America you mentioned is becoming more and more low class every day. Let’s try to stay classy in Dana Point for a little longer.

  • I live in Dana Point and I really dig that the parking is free. It is a refreshing change. I would imagine that most visitors to Strands are local. I don’t feel like I should have to pay to park at a lot not far from where I live just to watch a sunset or park to admire the beautiful ocean view.

comments (3)

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