Heidi Cascardo, Ladera Ranch

Many voters in the 49th congressional district have been beseeching Representative Darrell Issa to meet with them in an in-person town hall. Sadly, Mr. Issa has refused so far, ironically, as he sends us mailings in which he claims he wants to do a better job listening to us.

It was refreshing a few weeks ago to see that Colonel Doug Applegate, candidate for the 49th district, held a town hall meeting in San Juan Capistrano. Colonel Applegate met with several hundred voters and answered all questions that were asked. We, the voters of the 49th district, deserve a representative who is willing to listen to us, not one who keeps us at arm’s length. I encourage you to reach out to Rep. Issa to implore him to listen to his constituents. His job is on the line.

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