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DP logoBetty Hill, Capistrano Beach

A referendum to overturn the controversial short-term rental ordinance recently passed by Councilmen Schoeffel, Olvera and Mayor Tomlinson is being circulated throughout Dana Point. If the referendum passes, a vote of the people would be required before the ordinance could become law. A vote would be warranted because the ordinance affects all Dana Point residents and will change the character of our city forever. There are only six days left for Dana Point registered voters to sign the referendum and ensure its passage.

Opponents of the referendum have interfered with our efforts to obtain signatures at local supermarkets. They have  angered people and store managers so much that times are no longer listed when the referendum can be signed at those locations. Obviously, opponents of the referendum do not want Dana Point voters to have the opportunity to vote.

The ordinance allows two-day vacation rentals in all residential neighborhoods. It needs strengthening to make regulations that are enforceable and improvements to address the concerns not only of residents who want to rent their homes, but also to consider the impact on their neighborhoods. Likewise, there are no protections for our long-term renters who could be displaced or priced out of the market by the conversion to short-term rentals.

Many referendum signers had no idea such a significant ordinance had been passed. Our neighboring cities have restricted or prohibited short-term rentals because of their recent proliferation due to Airbnb and VRBO. Shouldn’t that send up a red flag? There are no provisions in our ordinance that would control proliferation or the exploitation of our neighborhoods by outside investors.

A recent amendment is a major addition to the ordinance, ceding local control over short-term rentals to the California Coastal Commission. Councilman Viczorek vehemently opposed passing the ordinance because of this amendment and urged the Council to unanimously reject it.

Time is short. Please sign the referendum in your neighborhoods at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for caring about the future of Dana Point. To contact us, please email: or visit

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comments (6)

  • There is no need for a referendum the ordinance itself allows neighborhoods to vote!

    The ordinance itself allows each neighborhood to decide if they want to have vacation homes in their neighborhoods or not. HOA’s are allowed to prohibit them and any neighborhood that does not have an HOA or CC&R’s can form one to prohibit them.

    The city has been working on this for 9 years it’s been in place for 3. The ordinance give power to HOAs while protecting property rights. Don’t set the city back 9 years!

    • How can neighborhoods possibly vote ? You might as well be saying the PTA will vote on what the neighborhoods are going to be zoned for , that is preposterous! My neighborhood does not have a HOA. Who is going to ask me before purchasing the home to the left ,to the right and crossed for me if I want the homes to be used for vacation rental. I’m not saying the ordinance in itself is all , we have been using a portion of it to guide us for the last few years. However , the amendment that was added, gives up our local control to another government agency who does not have Dana Point’s residence best interest in mind.

      • Hi Gloria;
        Great question.
        If enough people in a neighborhood want HOA style restrictions they can get together, form an HOA or CC&R’s and then vote on whatever HOA style restrictions they want.

        Frist, many people buy homes without HOA’s because they don’t want people telling them what color they can paint their home, if they can have a statue of a cow in their front yard, or who can stay in their homes, when they can stay, or for how long.

        Regarding the coastal zone, the Coastal Act of 1976 give the coastal commission control of the coastal zone, not this ordinance.


  • Thank you for the information. This sounds very important . I don’t think Dana Point residents would want to turn over local control of the use of their home to another government agency , the California Coastal Commission . That must have been what councilman Viczorek was saying is wrong with this ordinance.

  • Sanford Edward, rich developer of the Headlands that doesn’t pay his bills, announced that he is selling his headlands hotel site by Chart House and retail site by Cannons to convicted felon Remo Polselli. Sanford Edwards also announced that he is supporting overturning the city’s short term rental ordinance, and its no coincidence that the anti short term rental group now has hired paid signature gatherers for the referendum to overturn the ordinance.

    Keep Dana Point Friendly and don’t allow Chicago politics to infect our community. Here are a few links for Remo Polselli that Sanford Edwards declared is a very successful hotelier:

  • Surprise! Another Lie by “Save Dana Point”. We predicted this one. 80% of the people that I spoke with at Ocean Ranch Ralphs had no idea what they had signed. and signed to withdraw their signatures.

    Those that were not completely lied to were told that they were signing to bring it to a vote. As predicted they are now pushing to have City Council overturn the ordinance.

    At the same time they have refused to take meetings with people’s whose livelihoods depend on short term rentals. I’m very disappointed, I thought Dana Point was an inclusive, friendly, and laid back beach town, turns out pay for play is as big here as any big city and a group disguised as “Save Dana Point” is leading the way unimpeded.

comments (6)

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