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Mike Killebrew, Dana Point Assistant City Manager

In response to Mr. Herald’s letter entitled “Where’s the Lantern District Outcry Citizens?” (Dana Point Times, July 18-24) I felt compelled to offer a few accurate facts for the record: the Town Center (Lantern District) project remains on schedule and is slightly under budget.

The city issued no bonds to finance the project but rather is using funds accumulated from surpluses generated over the past several years. The City Council’s approval to commit $7.7 million for the Del Prado Avenue phase of the Lantern District project is not being funded from the city’s emergency reserve. The city’s emergency reserve remains fully funded and is not being used to fund the second phase of the project.

A portion of the $7.7 million is being funded from an existing $2.5 million capital improvement projects reserve. Finally, the Town Center Specific Plan’s height limit is 40 feet, not 35 feet, and also allows improvements to be built above the 40-foot height limit for items such as mechanical equipment, screening and guard rails.

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  • 1./ Mike Killebrew said, ( in preparation for HUGE APARTMENT MONSTROSITIES!)
    “…the Town Center (Lantern District) project remains on schedule.”
    Resolve: The Lantern Dist / Town Center project is now uncovered for the disaster and cluster-phyk only special interest, property developers would want for their own investment(1), for their own profit(2), and for City Taxes paying for the infrastructure. Land Barons, ( L.A. Times, past City Council, past O.C. Supervisors and current representatives ) will profit by it(3). HUGE APARTMENT MONSTROSITIES! (ps: Mike! Aren’t you the one who blocked me from laying out some flyers at the 4th Meeting at Senior Center?)

    2./ This Town Center/Lantern District Project is a complete waste and does actually hurt the city, the neighborhoods, the county. The win, win, win scenario (1), (2), (3) above demonstrates how Mike Killebrew and Doug, City Lawyers can invest in corrupt practices (eagles clothing covering the vultures undercover who profit by it, in huge windfall schemes.)

    3./ The people of Dana Point should demand Monday night for a complete stop to the project. Property can be purchased like corner of PCH and Del Obispo with the ‘coffer reserves’. Example after example is now showing how council, engineers and lawyers manage this very corrupt practice to steal away the people ‘valuable tax savings account’. Yet, council, engineers and lawyers manage to shiphon off this money in contacting, secretive bidding, deceptive, un-transparent practices.

    I say, if council does not quickly, Monday night, 11th, in City Hall Meeting to stop everything, then People with any common sense need to act to prosecute to stop them; for participation in illegal management practices. DaveBartholomew at cox dot net is now making protest posters if anyone wants to print out the posters, please email me.

  • There is a massive vocal minority in Dana Point – who propagate negativity and criticism which ultimately prohibits progress and leads to a run down, tired and dirty city. It is exhausting to hear that these are always the ones that show up at the town meetings, etc…I’m sure even more so for our city council and elected leaders.
    I am a resident of Dana Point and I think the Town Center project is much needed and I’m delighted that it is moving forward and on schedule. Having said that, I do appreciate our vocal minority’s interest in keeping the charm of Dana Point and not selling out to a bunch of condo and apt monstrosities on PCH and Del Prado. While I understand that some of these are inevitable and probably acceptable, keeping them to a minimum and within the “village” theme for the town center is certainly an achievable goal for our leaders to focus on.

  • Dana Point Dad-

    thanks sir, well said

    • Who is Randle McMurphy?
      Dave Bartholomew graduated the top of his class, summa cum laude in Jan ’78, from the world’s toughest curriculum Industrial / Commercial Arts Private College, the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, where also, by no coincidence, the Tournament of Roses / Rose Parade is caught in a illegal TM Royalty Licensing enterprise in 2005 using my rose design created in 1977.
      This begins to introduce my MarCom expertise. Five years later, a patsy, a student from 1982 is Susan Karasic, she is published in Art Center’s regional paper, to having now designed and reengineered a ‘look-alike rose’ but her derivative-rework is never actually used. My design is used, and by the Rose Parade secret society, the guys who make $100,000,000 in License Fees each year, starting from summer 1981, before Susan ever starts the Paul Hauge Advanced Graphic Arts class, Jan 1982. (Ask Honda, ask Vizio, others how much they pay these days in TM Royalty License fess.)
      I am the first student to start as Art Director hired at Foote, Cone, Belding / L.A. February 1978. Hughes Las Vegas Resorts / Casinos is my first Property Redevelopment / Remodel account, the new Desert Inn campaign. It is during this time, early 1979 that my teacher, John Follis is also secretly, the Art Center College Trustee assigned to TM Royalty License, secretly using student Works, for their own long term TM License Incomes. The first of these projects, works hand and hand with L.A. City Council, to design an image for the spectacular citywide celebration, the L.A. Bicentennial celebration. John Follis wins the citywide, art contest in late 1979, he uses a copy of my prior, 1977 Hollywood Chapter of the Emmy Awards, new sculpted awards concept, the Rainbow Angel concept. This image is seen in Art Center Student Arts catalog, of late 1977. It is not until 2014, that it is discovered, by his son’s own admissions, that his father was supervisor of the Trustees Secret Society; the selling of student Alumni Works, a thieving illegal enterprise, where the image ‘Rainbow Angel’ appears on collectable, TM souvenirs in 1981. It is this year, John Follis, the Art Center begins the second theft of the alumni graduate’s works, the highly stylized Rose-hook Design. It is John Follis who is hired in late 1982 to revise and refurbish a lawn sign at the Pasadena, Tournament of Roses. He may be contracting on his own beheld, but his son Grant Follis doesn’t think so, saying “At no time does the Follis Design Firm contract with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. Obviously, by discovery of 2014, the contracting partner is the Art Center College of Design, secretive Trustees TM Group who sell off the student designs years after they had graduated, in my case, it is five years after I had graduated.

      It is later found out, late 2013 that Federal Judge Cormac Carney, the one who blocks and bars all discovery in the case 2007 to 2013, is also an employee working directly for both USC, UCLA and the Rose Bowl / L.A. Coliseum, / L.A. Sports Arena TM and Licensing (secretive) organizations.
      Who is Randle McMurphy?
      You quoted a story that tells how the L.A. Times, the world’s top art college and the Federal Courts work together in TM partnerships / incomes, with a specific goal to block an artist’s access to law, ( Claim Service for Discovery) and from my right to earn a living from owning his own copyright, intellectual property. A rose. This L.A. Times story is authored by the countries largest Intellectual Property law firms, Allen Matkins, L.A., O.C. and the Sheldon, Mak, Rose, Anderson law firm, Pasadena, ( + four other firms ) with the help of several District and Circuit Judges, and a College Trustee admin group. Pretty tough competition. To Dana Point citizens, just know, the forces that are hidden behind the City Council bench, are invested in “Top Circuit Court confidence to take your Rights away.”

  • Mr. Bartholomew, you do a much better job describing your colorful state of mind in your writings than any newspaper article could ever hope to accomplish. Well done sir.

  • I repeat, “Who is Randle McMurphy?”
    The issues before the sleepy romantic citizens of Dana Point are very real, not a ghost-issue columnist-blogger as Randle McMurphy. As in the past, a small (1%-group) of concerned citizens are trying to wake up a (99%-group) apathetic college educated, pretender, (the 99%-We the People).

    Thomas Jefferson was speaking to all Americans when he and Thomas Paine wrote these intentions, addressed to the intended owners of the Constitution; the People. Saying, “It is our Right, It is our Duty, To Throw Off Such Government, and to provide new guards for our future security.” ( a new City Council. All new. )

    We know now, that these intentions to police our own government included the prosecution of city government (DP, SJC, SC) just as importantly as federal legislators. Recently the City of Bell the People and a Grand Jury process has a dozen elected official and staff prosecuted for breaking the law; that their actions were contradictory to their Oath of office. So too, in Dana Point, San Juan and San Clemente (SONGS) there are special interests like Randle McMurphy; whoever he is.

    I say that people like McMurphy are like the vultures, the special interest lobbyists behind the scenes, as identified in the City of Bell prosecutions.

    Today, we see a few citizens acting politely to wake up local business and the voting public.

    I forecast that their website actions are too little, too late?

    Should we start a Grand Jury process like they did with prosecution of City of Bell criminals? How much is enough action, enough effective Patriots’ Duty to throw off such government? I propose to you all, the Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Boater Group … most everyone includes 99% of the public. Who will be the new guards if there is not one strong leader in Dana Point who dares to speak up and be identified! Who is Randle McMurphy? Why should we care?

    What will People miss more? A million dollars missing from city staff payroll as in City of Bell. OR Will People miss more, ocean views, OR openness, OR parking availability, OR low density quality of living?

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