Augusta DeLaurentis, Dana Point

After reading the Letters to the Editor for the past weeks I need to add my comments to the plastic bag “controversy.” We shop at Smart & Final and other local grocers, and sometimes go to Target, Wal-Mart or Costco. Sometimes there are short lines and sometimes there are long lines. Sometimes the lines move quickly, sometimes they don’t.

To say all lines at Smart & Final are now slow only because of the Dana Point plastic bag ban is simplistic. To single out Smart & Final is also wrong. Many southland areas, including Los Angeles County and now the city of Los Angeles, have plastic bag bans. Yes, Smart & Final and every other retailer in each affected area had to modify their check-out process to meet those ban requirements.

The world has not ended in those other localities. Productivity losses due to plastic bag bans have not brought the economy to its knees. People manage to buy groceries, get home and go on with their lives.

The complaint is that it sometimes takes an extra minute or two to buy groceries at Smart & Final (or Ralphs or Albertsons).

The writer’s solution is to shop in another city. Is the letter writer free to shop elsewhere?  Of course he is. Next, however, he may complain that government has passed speed limit laws and posted signs forcing him to drive slower than 120 miles an hour when going to other towns to grocery shop.

And think about this: It takes time to drive elsewhere, and then there is the obvious cost of gasoline, plus wear and tear on the car. It seems this is a classic example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Using a variation of a popular political saying to paraphrase what Alexandra Cline said in her letter, published on July 12, “It’s the environment, stupid.”

Please get over it and let’s move on.

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