Sher Fuller, Dana Point

Last Saturday while doing my daily walk on the island I noticed a man and his daughter sitting at a table with “little girl stuff” all over the table. They were coloring. Both had similar pictures of the water and I walked over and commented on how wonderful their pictures were.

The little girl, Brianna, and her dad, David, smiled broadly and invited me to join them. I declined but stayed to chat a few minutes more. Just before I was leaving David jumped up and spontaneously hugged me and said “thank you.” I should have thanked them, they were delightful.

Yesterday, while walking behind two men I noted that every time one man spoke to the other, he stopped, there was much hand waving and it made me chuckle. As I passed them I turned, smiled and commented on the man that stopped every time he spoke. They both laughed and as I went on my way one man called out in heavily accented English, “thank you for being friendly with us.”

Like the headline says, it doesn’t take much, but can make such a difference.

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